'Mob Wives': Karen Starts Trouble With Words, Drita Responds With Her Fist (VIDEO)

Renee may have thought she was going to have a nice birthday party celebration on "Mob Wives" (Sun., 8 p.m. EST on VH1), but that wasn't going to be the case at all. Instead, Drita was going to try and make peace with Karen, but Karen wasn't having any of it.

Drita had Karen brought to the balcony so they could try and talk things out and get rid of the tension, but Karen couldn't get past Drita talking smack about her.

"The problem that I'm having is you going around Staten Island tellling everybody that you f****d me up," she said.

Finally, when things came to a head and she'd been pushed just a bit further than she was willing to take, Drita lost her cool and threw a punch at Karen. It was a bit unclear who she hit, but it may have been Ramona, who'd come to help stir up the drama -- because it needed it?

This led to a ridiculous thread for a while because everyone assumed that it was Derek who'd hit Ramona, and men don't hit women and so obviously they were going to kill him -- not literally, of course. Luckily, Ramona cleared up who hit her in time. Poor Renee just wanted a nice get-together, but things never seem to stay nice and calm on "Mob Wives."

The "Mob Wives" drama unfolds every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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