'Mobbed' Reunites Long-Lost Father And Son (VIDEO)

There was an emotional reunion in the works on "Mobbed" (Wed., 9 p.m. EST on Fox) when 37-year old Art asked Howie Mandel and his team to help him meet his father for the first time. But Mandel decided to try and do things a little differently, because Art had never met his father, had no idea where he was or how to find him.

So the show hired a private investigator and tracked down Art's father James in Indiana. There, Howie surprised him at the crack of dawn with a camera crew at his front door. Mandel's idea was to flip the mob. Art wanted to mob his father and introduce himself. Mandel suggested that maybe they mob Art instead and surprise him with his father.

With James on board, it was time to break Art's heart before the big reveal. So Howie invited him to a bowling alley to break the news to him that he hadn't made the show. He then left Art there for a moment, faking a phone call, so the mob could erupt around him. Art's face immediately lit up as he realized what was happening, and what was likely about to happen.

The men met for the first time surrounded by a thousand strangers, but their embrace was as if they'd been holding back those emotions for almost four decades. James had admitted to Howie earlier that it was more than two decades before he even knew he had a son.

"Mobbed" has two more episodes in its season order from Fox, but they've not been scheduled as of yet.

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