Farmers Market On Wheels: Converted School Bus Hits The Streets In D.C. (PHOTOS)

Remember when we told you about the D.C. Mobile Market, the school bus that was turned into a farmers market on wheels?

The project, dreamed up by the team at Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, finally shoved off earlier this month.

Customers in D.C.-area food deserts -- neighborhoods that lack easy access to full-service grocery stores -- will now be able to get fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs and meat from Arcadia Farm and other local and sustainable producers.

The 28-foot school bus, which was once a faded yellow color, is now bright green with a mural painted by a local artist and students from Bancroft Elementary in the District. It'll continue running through the end of October, on a set schedule with stops in some of the city's most in-need areas, including a senior wellness center, low-income housing site, metro stop, health care provider and city park.

As previously reported, the Mobile Market will accept payment from a variety of government assistance programs, including SNAP (formerly known as "food stamps), WIC and Senior checks.

The Mobile Market isn't the only farmers market of its kind. There seems to be a mini-trend afoot: In Baltimore, Real Food Farm operates its own Mobile Market that provides to area food deserts. Riverview Farms in Ranger, Georgia, also has one. It's called Farm Mobile and offers sustainable produce at various locations around Atlanta. Duke University has one as well that caters to university employees.