This Magical App Lets You Skip Through Airport Customs For Free

No Global Entry needed. How did we never know about this?!
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We all know the line at airport customs can be painfully long. And most travelers know they can skip the line by enrolling in the Global Entry program for a $100 application fee.

But most of us weren't told that there's an app that lets travelers skip the line FOR FREE.

The Mobile Passport app is cheaper, easier and about as fast -- maybe even faster -- than the Global Entry alternative. Say what?!

With the Mobile Passport app, you won't have to fill out those annoying customs forms handed out on the plane. Instead, you'll answer those questions in the app and get a receipt sent to your phone.

Then comes the best part: You'll stand in a crazy short line at customs, instead of waiting with the masses. Show your passport to the customs officer, and simply scan your receipt.

It's free. It's magical. The line for app users may be so short, you won't even see it at first. It might even be shorter than the Global Entry line (which, if you'll recall, costs $100 to join). "It’s rare to find a government technology so efficient it makes you do a little dance of joy," says the Wall Street Journal. We agree.

A screenshot from the Mobile Passport app.
Mobile Passport App
A screenshot from the Mobile Passport app.

After collecting your luggage, you'll scan the app once more to go on your merry way.

A recent study showed the average wait time at U.S. customs is about 25 minutes for big airports like SFO and JFK. Many passengers think their only option to skip the line is Global Entry. But Mobile Passport gets you the same skip-the-line benefits, for free. It's truly a no-brainer.

The only snags? Mobile Passport isn't available in every U.S. airport just yet. And it doesn't get you access to TSA PreCheck like Global Entry does.

Mobile Passport kiosks are currently in most major airports, including SFO, JFK, Chicago O'Hare and Atlanta. More are on the way, and we can't wait.

Happy travels!

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