Mobile Strategy A Big Weakness For Small Businesses: Survey Says

Small businesses are starting to recognize the importance of mobile marketing and m-commerce, but they still have a long way to go. According to the Small Business Mobile report, more than 61 percent of small businesses have no mobile search strategy. Only 60 percent of the small businesses surveyed even have a website. Of those, only 26 percent were mobile-friendly (the same layout/content as the standard site adjusted to fit the smaller smartphone screen), and a mere 14 percent have a standalone mobile website. Of course, with nearly two-thirds of entrepreneurs in the survey acting as their own marketing departments, it's tough to make time for this -- but it's now essential for small business owners to have mobile-ready sites. Why it matters to your business: With more than 82.2 million Americans using smartphones for everything from search to shopping, there's a clear reason to get moving on your mobile strategy. Still not convinced? Of the business owners surveyed that had a standalone mobile sites, a whopping 84 percent saw an increase in sales because of it. Now get moving! Your customers certainly are.