Mobile Technology Transforms Patient Care at NewYork-Presbyterian

Mobile technology has become an essential component of nearly every aspect of our lives -- with numerous smartphone apps that connect us, entertain us and inform us. As mobile technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it has had a profound impact on even the most complex industries. One such industry is beginning to harness the power of mobile apps: healthcare.

NewYork-Presbyterian, the #1 hospital in New York according to U.S. News and World Report,has embraced all types of mobile technologies, including apps for patients and doctors. The newly launched NewYork-Presbyterian app, for instance, enhances the patient experience by improving access and communication with the hospital and its physicians. Patients can view information about physicians and services, navigate within the hospital, use our online payment system and connect with the Hospital's social media channels. Future updates are expected to include a visitor's guide and telehealth features including virtual follow-ups, second opinions and remote patient monitoring.

As the prevalence of mobile technology increases, more people are using these tools to make important decisions about their health, thus empowering patients to take control of their own health.

To this end, NewYork-Presbyterian has launched the InnovateNYP: Pediatric App Challenge, a contest to develop creative applications, games and tools that provide better care and a more personalized approach. Open to both the public and the Hospital's employees, the event is the first of its kind, and will bring together developers, designers, clinicians and technologists to spur new ideas and advancements in medical technology. The 10-week Challenge kicks off with the InnovateNYP: Pediatric Appathon, in which participants will work around the clock to design or create the next big advancement in pediatric health.

The involvement of the tech community is tremendously important in discovering and developing new technology solutions for patients and doctors. We hope this year's event will build on the success of last year's challenge, which focused on finding solutions to enhance patient experience and provider communications. Pediatrics, this year's concentration, is a field that presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges that can be addressed through innovative uses of mobile technology.

Participants will be able to compete in the Appathon, Challenge or both. The Appathon serves as a jumpstart for participants to form teams and begin to think through Challenge solutions with feedback from NewYork-Presbyterian clinicians and experts. The Challenge will continue after the Appathon, and will include educational sessions and opportunities for feedback and networking along the way. NewYork-Presbyterian will be awarding over $50,000 in total cash prizes for winning technologies between the Appathon and Challenge.

The Appathon will kick things off on the weekend of March 12. The Challenge will then continue to run through May 20, with final judging beginning May 23. Finalists in the Challenge will present their ideas at a demo day on June 9, where judges will announce the three winners.

The intersection of technology and health creates so many exciting possibilities, and what could be more important than making strides towards better health? By using technology to innovate, we are providing a more personalized and engaging experience for our patients during their stay at the hospital, and beyond.

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Daniel Barchi is chief information officer for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Dr. Peter Fleischut is chief innovation officer for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital