MOCA Los Angeles Sets Record Attendance for 'Art In The Streets'

'Art In The Streets' Sets Record For MOCA

The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art's (MOCA) highly publicized and critiqued show "Art In The Streets" is making headlines once again by breaking records for MOCA.

According to a press release from the museum, the exhibition, which ran from April 17 to August 8, brought in over 201,352 visitors. Previous records were held by the Andy Warhol Retrospective (195,000 visitors) and "MURAKAMI" (149,323 visitors). Due to the success of "Art in the Streets," MOCA expects annual attendance to double to 400,000 total visitors.

MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch said, “It is my mission to increase MOCA’s attendance and to engage new audiences. 'Art In The Streets' reflected a wide array of creative disciplines and local communities, and these record-breaking attendance figures go a long way to doubling the museum’s attendance this year.“

In its final week "Art In The Streets" drew 32,278 visitors, which set a museum record. It seems like "Art In Streets" is for MOCA what "Savage Beauty" was for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which a Jezebel article recently calculated earned the Met at least 14 million dollars.

The exhibit has previously made headlines for its Banksy-sponsored Mondays and its cancelled stay at the Brooklyn Museum. Though the exhibition closed on the 8th, you can see some of the work that was on view in the video below.

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