MOCA Stays Independent: The Struggling Museum Denies Mergers With LACMA, National Gallery

Following partnership offers from LACMA and the National Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art just announced its plan to continue as an independent institution. Despite the financial difficulties and critical backlash facing the established contemporary art center, MOCA's trustees are committed to the institution's autonomy.

The board, which, we feel compelled to add, has no artists left on it, released a statement explaining their decision:

"The Board is in agreement that the best future for MOCA would be as an independent institution. The Board understands that this will require a significant increase in MOCA’s endowment to ensure its strong financial standing. We are working quickly toward that goal, while at the same time exploring all strategic options, to honor the best interest of the institution and the artistic community we serve."

Do you see MOCA's bold choice as a courageous or stubborn one? Regardless, we cannot wait to see what unfolds next in the seemingly endless MOCA drama, both in real life and in GIF form.

In the meantime, see Twitter's reactions to the possibility of a MOCA/LACMA merger below: