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Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles

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These delicious iced coffee popsicles drizzled with chocolate make a sweet and cooling dessert or summer afternoon pick-me-up.

This recipe for iced coffee popsicles is dedicated to all of the coffee lovers out there. If you're like me, you go to bed at night so that you can wake up the next morning and drink coffee. I consider it a serious testament to my yoga practice that I'm able to exhibit any self-control where coffee is concerned, because I could drink it morning, noon, and night.

Constantly on a mission to strategize new ways of sneaking coffee into my diet, I was inspired to combine coffee and dessert into one. These mocha iced coffee popsicles are so easy to make and have only four ingredients, most of which you likely already have on hand. They're not too sweet, but the drizzle of melted chocolate on top really hits the sweet spot.

When you make the popsicles be sure to use a strong coffee--the process of freezing dilutes the flavor so you'll want to use a good, potent batch. Once the coffee is brewed, all you have to do is melt half the chocolate on the stove with milk and sugar, combine with coffee, let cool, and then freeze in popsicle molds (you can buy these online for less than $10). Once frozen, drizzle with remaining melted chocolate and enjoy!

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