Mockery and Evil in Trumpland

Well, it is getting harder and harder to avoid saying this. First there was Trump's attack on a disabled reporter - the physical mockery - then there was the mockery of Hillary's stumble after her attack of pneumonia - the hand gestures - the facial gestures - the joy in mockery - I have only seen this in adults when watching old films of Nazi Germany, when SS men humiliated elderly Jews, making them lick the sidewalks, laughing uproariously as another human being was reduced to a cowed animal and a vile joke - and we all know where that joke led - to the gas chambers. Then, the verbal mockery of anyone who does not meet his standard of beauty - which is so like the Nazi ideal of the perfect German - people as blond breeding stock. Imagine how Trump would have tried to demean and humiliate FDR in his wheelchair - mocking the strength of the strongest president who led us through the Depression and WW2.

I know this is not Germany in the thirties - but Trump appeals to a nativism and racism that might well lead to internment camps and worse if he is given the power to do so. It is too easy to ridicule his hairdo and his effete gestures, his abuse of the English language - his pout and his pursed lips - it was like the ridicule of Mussolini and Hitler - the man with the oversized jaw and the other with the undersized mustache. This election is like none other. It is about the very soul of this country. Anyone who sits back and figures that the boogyman will disappear when the lights go on is foolish - no, this boogyman is really living under your bed - he will never accept a loss in this election - and the country cannot accept his victory. He will be with us for a very long time - lose or win - he has set a moral ugliness in motion that will be hard to put to rest - but we will survive his loss - it is doubtful if this country can survive his win. We must see that every vote against him is cast, and guard against the manipulation of the election by his friend Putin, or the egrigeous Rudy and Christie - the Laurel and Hardy of evil. Sorry to go on so, but the last physical mockery of Hillary by Trump showed a mindless, merciless man - who raises one basic question, "How the hell did we ever get to this place?"