'Mockingbird Lane' Premiere: Bryan Fuller Hopes Halloween Special Is Just The Beginning

Bryan Fuller isn't giving up on "Mockingbird Lane" now that it has a premiere date. NBC will air his "Munsters" reboot as a Halloween special, but Fuller, the creator of "Pushing Daises," told TV Guide he hopes that's just the start of all things Lily, Herman and Grandpa.

"Airing a pilot as a standalone seems unheard of, but when you actually see the 'Mockingbird Lane' pilot it has a beginning, middle and an end," Fuller said. "It's an emotional story of a family told in such an unconventional way, and with so many different tools that we have at our disposal because it's 'The Munsters' and not a regular family unit. It's such a different show that it merits a different way of getting it out to the audience."

The cast, which includes Eddie Izzard, Portia de Rossi and Jerry O'Connell, is all under contract until July. Should the pilot deliver a solid audience on Friday, October 26 at 8 p.m. on NBC, Fuller has plans for at least six episodes.

"Every episode focuses on a different member of the family in a great way. Lily is going through this huge arc of, 'I was living my life a certain way because I thought my child was a certain way. Now that my child has changed, do I change?' So she's having an identity crisis," Fuller said. "It's all about your identity and family. So each of those individual episodes are all family stories about characters trying to find their place within the larger group, in different ways because they're monsters."

Fuller has been developing "Mockingbird Lane" since 2010. The series has gone through many stages of development (and redevlopment), reportedly costing NBC upwards of $10 million. Reports of behind-the-scenes clashing between Fuller and Bryan Singer only added fuel to the "this pilot is doomed" fire.

While some viewers aren't totally digging Fuller's concept on the classic sitcom -- just take a gander at what some HuffPost TV readers are saying about the series -- Fuller stands by his vision.

"It's gorgeous, every frame is sumptuous," he told TV Guide. "You get to have these really interesting actors coming in and taking their spins on these classic characters. I love the original 'Munsters' and didn't want to step on it in any way of putting people in Frankenstein makeup and Dracula makeup. So we went our own direction."

For more on "Mockingbird Lane," click over to TV Guide. Watch the trailer below and click through the gallery for preview photos of "Mockingbird Lane."

Mockingbird Lane