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'Mockingbird Lane' Trailer: Munsters Reboot Gets Brief Teaser Before Oct. 26 Launch

"Mockingbird Lane," Bryan Fuller's jettisoned reboot of "The Munsters," has its first trailer.

The teaser, which aired during "Grimm" on Friday night, showcases what might have been for "Mockingbird Lane," which wasn't picked up by NBC to move beyond the pilot stage. In a rare move, the network decided to air Fuller's pilot for "Mockingbird Lane" as a one-off Halloween special. The "Pushing Daisies" creator wrote the script, while "X-Men" filmmaker Bryan Singer directed the pilot and was aboard as executive producer.

"[I hope] 'Mockingbird Lane' looks like Hitchcock directing a 'Harry Potter' film," Fuller said in July at Comic-Con. That flair is on display in the teaser, which mixes humor, horror and a fire-breathing dragon over the course of 30 seconds.

Starring Portia de Rossi, Jerry O'Connell and Eddie Izzard, the pilot cost NBC a reported $10 million and took almost two years to produce.

Watch the trailer for "Mockingbird Lane" above. The pilot-turned-special airs on Oct. 26.

Mockingbird Lane