Mockumentary Trailer Shows The Guys Responsible For Every Awful Health Food Craze

You'd eat dirt if they promoted and packaged it well enough.

Want to know how foods like kale, quinoa or wheatgrass became all the rage in the health food industry? Well, take your curiosity elsewhere, that’s not what this fake trailer is about.

Mockumentarians Alex Dobrenko and Phil Kaye of comedy duo Thanks Laura show you a funnier, alternate universe featuring two health food pioneers responsible for milk made from nut, the demise of Big Gluten and every health food fad you’ve ever thrown your money at. 

The faux documentary trailer follows the rise of two health food marketing gurus, from their early “Got Milk?” days back in the 1990s to their ingenious idea for getting people to eat wheatgrass.

“People hate grass, but you know what they love?” the two actors said in character for the trailer. “Shots! Cha-ching!”

“The Bad Boys Of Food” trailer was released Monday and will hit theaters never because it’s pretend.



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