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Model's Birth Control Pill Cost Her A Fashion Week Job

We've heard countless horror stories from models. Some don't get paid. Some get pressured into nude photoshoots. And some of the poor things actually eat tissues to stay thin.

As for Fashion Week, it's as chock full of catastrophes as you'd imagine. One model chronicled her decision to forgo the biannual fashion event altogether in an as-told-to piece in Cosmopolitan. Painful skin reactions, agonizing hairspray sessions and general discomfort all expectedly make her list of cons, but it's her cautionary tale of runway show castings that's stuck with us. Here's how she described her experience:

"A designer will see an outfit on you once, wait until you leave the casting, and then call your agent and ask why you've gained weight. And all you can think is, Seriously?! Once, while staring at my breasts, a designer said: 'Have your boobs gotten bigger?' I said, 'Yes, I just started taking a new birth control pill.' This designer then told my agent that I had to switch pills or else I wouldn't be hired."

Well, that's certainly the first instance we've seen of a designer cutting a model due to her birth control pill. Unfortunately, similar tales of harsh weight scrutiny aren't exactly foreign to us. Efforts like Vogue's Health Initiative and the Equity Model Code of Conduct have been enacted to protect runway walkers, but, with designers and magazines continuing to break the rules, the policies have left much to be desired.

But casting agents asking a model to change her hormone intake? Yeah, maybe that will finally be the last straw that pushes industry insiders to make a change.

Confidence is half the battle:

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