The 12 Diet And Exercise Secrets Male Models Swear By

If there's anyone who knows how to keep their bodies in impeccable shape, it's these guys: models

They're paid to make clothes look good, grace the cover of magazines and even sell skivvies, so needless to say, male models Josh Truesdell, Bryce Thompson and Chad White know a thing or two about fitness. Sure, it's their job to be super-buff, but the diet and exercise rules they swear by can guide us all in the right direction. The Soul Artist Management trio stopped by HuffPost Live to share some of the industry's top health secrets. Their 12 strongest tips are below -- and watch the video above to see them in action!

1. Make Fitness A Priority man tying sneaker "You have to keep at it," Thompson says. For a model, that can mean working out seven days a week. If your lifestyle's not quite there yet, White explains that it won't seem as daunting once you get moving. Exercise pumps you full of feel-good endorphins, so (believe it or not) your body actually begins to crave gym time. All three agree you don't have to be as extreme as Tyson Beckford, who claims to do 600 sit ups and 1,000 push ups every day in addition to cardio. Just doing something active daily is key, advises Truesdell.

2. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain cycling winter men There's no such thing as taking a break from feeling the burn; models must rock prime physiques all year round. The guys can't get complacent when it gets cold out -- and neither should you. They stay fit even during the winter months by balancing consistent exercise and conscious eating, so there's no playing catch up!

3. Get Tough jiujitsu When you're simply not up for getting off the couch, the models suggest doing it anyway. Truesdell had a jiu-jitsu trainer who once told him to "shut up and train." And you know what? He felt better after he did. You will, too.

4. You Don't Need Fancy Equipment man running outside grass It's not about machinery or money, so forget about those excuses. Thompson insists running is the best thing you can do to stay in shape. Just pick up your own two feet and get those miles in!

5. Don't Cheat man lunge gym If you're going to do something, do it right. Proper form counts. When working on your arms, don't use your back to help you lift. White says to pay attention to your body's position when doing squats and lunges. Keep your shoulders straight, don't bend your knees past your toes and remember to squeeze for a couple seconds to make each rep worth it!

6. Train For Strength grueling workout Building a house requires a solid foundation. That means you shouldn't only exercise to look sculpted. Truesdell combines push-ups, rows and planks with weights to teach his muscles to work together. A general rule to guide you to your desired results is that high reps at a faster pace will help you slim down, while lower reps at a slower pace will help add size if you're trying to bulk up.

7. Don't Let Dinner Ruin Your Workout pick up hamburger fries After breaking a sweat, Thompson says the last thing you want to do is throw it all away with a burger. Unhealthy food shouldn't be a reward. Focus on refueling the body with nutrients it needs. Eat lean meats, veggies and whole grains, and stay away from starch, sugar and pre-packaged items.

8. Be Prepared grocery cart healthy food It can be easy to fall victim to temptation when the wrong foods are in front of you and you're rushing for a quick fix. Go grocery shopping, learn to cook and do as much as you can to plan and prep your meals the night before so you're not caught scrambling for something convenient.

9. Don't Eat Right Before Bed man pajama refrigerator While White confesses he loves to eat cookies late at night, he knows better on both accounts. There shouldn't be any crumbs in your sheets, because the guys say it's best not to eat before bedtime. They limit snacking to three hours before catching Zzs and jump start the day (and their metabolisms) with breakfast instead.

10. Forget Fad Diets man diet The models may have tried everything from the Blood Type diet to the Cayenne Pepper diet, but they don't recommend them for your health or well-being. Hungry people are grouchy people! There's no sense in starving, since the winning recipe is simply a balanced diet and regular exercise.

11. Live A Little hands toast drinks bar Whether it's giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want once a week or pigging out with friends when there's a party, you have to let yourself have some freedom here and there. Truesdell suggests limiting splurges to special occasions, so you're not straying from your routine too much. Cheers to that!

12. Don't Do It Alone group jump men Getting fit is much more fun when you have others to share it with. There's nothing like having buds by your side to mix up your workouts and keep you in check.

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