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Model TRIPS At Zac Posen, First At Lincoln Center? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Update: After doing some digging, we found out the model who fell at Z Spoke is Ataui Deng. According to New York Magazine she is a newcomer to the runway and 18 years old. She is signed with Trump.

BUT, thanks to commenter bbmcrae, we've learned that another model was potentially first to fall in Lincoln Center, at the Concept Korea Spring 2011 show on Thursday. Not that this is a contest or anything. She managed to escape having photos taken of her fall...however, there is video. Check it out at 0:35.



Previously: This season's shows at Lincoln Center are full of firsts...including potentially the first model fall at Fashion's Week new venue. While looking through the images from Saturday's Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring 2011 show, we came across what we believe is the inaugural trip in the tents. The model took it like a champ, keeping her smile the whole time. Take a look:

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