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Modeling Camp Tales: Wilhelmina Rep Tells 15-Year-Old To Work On Her Height

This summer's "Modeling Camp Is A Real Thing" article comes to us from the New York Daily News.

Thirty-five girls signed up for the four-day, $999 session in Manhattan run by veteran Vogue stunner Heather Cole. She told the Daily News, "Some girls are interested obviously in being a model. And some girls just want to experience what it's like....To be honest, some parents are sending their girls just for the life skills that they'll walk away with as far as self-confidence and presentation and their poise."

One of those girls: Danielle Samuel, 15, of Saint Lucia. Instead of instructional swim or making lanyards, Samuel met with a Wilhelmina Models rep who told her, "I had really good facial expressions. I just need to work on my height, because I'm a little short. But I will get there -- drink a little milk and I'll be fine."

Invaluable advice.

The New York Post first introduced us to Modeling Camp last year, during its inaugural season in the city (there are sessions in L.A. and Virginia, too). The program attracts not only wannabe runway-walkers, but aspiring couturiers:

Twelve-year-old Savannah Schulz from Fredericksburg, Va., has no interest in modeling; she's got her sights set on being a designer. She signed up for the camp because she wanted to "understand what it's like for the models" who one day will wear her clothes. She even modeled one of her own designs, a minidress with a flower-print halter top and a black tulle skirt.

And a handful of parents submitted testimonials to Modeling Camp's website, one reading:

I was initially quite skeptical as I did not want my daughter in a program that centered around outward appearance. Friends really talked us into this telling me that this was really more about instilling confidence and promoting self esteem. That is exactly what my daughter walked away with -- a more positive self image and outgoing confidence. Wonderful program and we will be back. Thank you.

What do you think?

WATCH a report from MSNBC on Modeling Camp: