The Five Most Popular Eyes in Modeling

Internet search statistics yield valuable insights into the things people are thinking about, and the questions they most want answered. I recently posted a blog about female celebrities with the most Googled hair in the world. The winner was Lady GaGa, with 40,500 global monthly searches.

There is another set of search stats, gleaned from Google's keyword tool, that are just as interesting -- the most popular eyes in modelling. The top five yields some interesting stats: the list is 60 per cent British and 40 per cent black, for example. Also, Heidi and Gisele don't make the cut. Check out who does right here.

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The Five Most Popular Eyes in Modeling
Adriana Lima -- 720
Tyra Banks -- 480
Kate Moss -- 210
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley -- 91
Naomi Campbell -- 73