XOXO Models Strip In Window Display In New York (VIDEO)

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Tradition is taking a back seat at a window display on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan this holiday season.

Directly across the street from the traditional Lord & Taylor holiday windows that attract families is a more edgy display. It's not X-rated -- just XOXO.

That's the name of the clothing line being advertised in a storefront, with one young woman stripping to her underwear while another sends text messages or applies makeup. The scantily-clad models were hired for 10 days in leased window space.

Carol Powley created the window for the California-based company and calls it "a play on voyeurism."

She says crowds stop to look "into the life of a young woman, her apartment, her beauty" -- as well as clothes that can be purchased online or in department stores.