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Modern Communication: How To Write A Rocking Love Letter

Step 1: Pull out a pen and a piece of paper. That's amazing! The fact that you've gone so far as to handwrite your love letter already sets it apart from the scores of lovers who will rely on e-cards and text messages to express their Valentine's Day sentiments. Handwriting a letter is a seemingly small gesture, but it's one that goes a long way. The letter will stand taller and be cherished longer than the gift that accompanies it.

Flowers, though very nice, will wilt, and the expensive dinner, though lovely, will end. I'm not saying don't make those romantic gestures, but I'm suggesting that they be complemented by a heartfelt letter. The letter is an emotional snapshot of your love and relationship at this moment in time, and it will still make you smile years from now. If you abhor your handwriting, then it's fine to type the missive--but I highly recommend your feelings end up on paper.

Step 2: Now for the hard part: what to say. The good news is that love letters can never be too cheesy. People don't get sick of hearing how attractive, smart, and funny you think they are and how much you love them, so don't fear going overboard. One way to get started is by writing in a stream of consciousness how you feel about the other person.

Don't worry about structure or grammar or anything of the sort--feel your way through the process. Then walk away from the letter for a while and go back and edit it. Again, don't worry about making it flawless, just give it continuity and make sure your sentences are complete. If you write the letter on a napkin with a pencil and every other word is spelled incorrectly, the other person will still be moved by your effort.

Another way to get started writing is by making a list. List all the things you think are wonderful about the other person.

1. Thoughtful - Always puts me first

2. Driven - Makes many goals and sees them through

3. Gorgeous - Looks good even first thing in the morning

4. Talented - Plays the accordion in the nude

Then build the sentences in your love letter around the adjectives you've listed. For example: It never ceases to amaze me how thoughtful you are. You manage to put me first even when we're at the breakfast table and there's only one waffle left.

Step 3: Now for the fun part: how to deliver. If you can get yourself to the florist then certainly send the letter with the flowers. If you're up and out the door before your beloved then you could leave the epistle on the pillow or nightstand where it'll be an ideal start to his or her day. You could get to the restaurant early and have the letter waiting on your devotee's plate. If you're feeling especially brave, you could read the letter aloud to you lover after dinner but before um, er, bedtime activities. The possibilities are endless. Be creative.

Step 4: If you're still stuck and not knowing what to say then I'll write your love letter for you. No, I'm not kidding. Visit my web site at www.LetterLover.net and find out how to get in touch with me. If you think it's absolutely ridiculous to have someone else write a letter for you but you'd still like more help then buy my book For the Love of Letters: A 21st-century Guide to the Art of Letter Writing

But hurry! Valentine's Day is only days away.

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