Modern Error In 'Bridgerton' Is A Scandal Worthy Of Lady Whistledown

Is this alleged Netflix mistake crossing the line?

Lady Whistledown has her work cut out for her.

Risqué relationships and unannounced babies are one thing. But “Bridgerton” now faces a scandal that members of the historic high society have never seen: Fans have apparently spotted a modern mistake in the hit Netflix show.

Either there’s a time-traveling road worker in Regency-era England making sure the cartways are up to code, or, dear reader, the period-piece drama accidentally left modern roadside lines in a finished episode.

Does this "Bridgerton" mistake cross the line?
Does this "Bridgerton" mistake cross the line?

The image above comes from the premiere. Various news outlets report that roadway lines like those didn’t originate until the mid-1900s. Other fans have supposedly spotted parking signs and advertising posters for Irish retailer Primark.

The error really is the talk of the ton. Even Jimmy Fallon and Tariq Trotter did a bit on it for “The Tonight Show,” with the latter going to great lengths to cancel his Netflix subscription.

Of course, modern errors are perhaps more forgivable on “Bridgerton” than they might be on other shows. 

For instance, the “Starbucks” cup that made its way onto “Game of Thrones” was pretty out of place. (Daenerys is way more of a tea drinker, amirite?)

But “Bridgerton” is all about grandes. Despite its period-piece facade, the musicians on the show somehow are playing Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes songs

For some (like Trotter), perhaps the mistake is too much. For others, it’s thank u, next.