Lily Bullies 'Modern Family' Cast In Emmys 2012 Behind-The-Scenes Sketch (VIDEO)

As funny as Jimmy Kimmel can be in a live setting, he often gets big laughs on his show with some of his pre-taped gags. For "The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards," Kimmel presented a bit that took viewers behind-the-scenes of the most awards-decorated comedy of the past three years, "Modern Family."

Fans often wonder what actors and actresses are like when the cameras stop rolling. Even when they do the promotional junkets, it's not always easy to tell how much of their true self is being exposed. In this bit, though, it seemed like the real Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily on "Modern Family," was beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Anderson-Emmons joined the show in its second season, when it was decided to age Lily up a bit so she could start having some speaking lines. Who could have known what a terror they would have unleashed on the set. To make matters worse, it looked like the entire adult cast was intimated by her.

"Lily" ripped on the cast's work ethic, told Julie Bowen she needed to go to makeup -- Bowen had just come from there -- and insisted she couldn't understand a word Sofia Vergara said. Her favorite trick, though, was to pull the steps away from her co-stars' trailer doors and then tell them the set is ready for them.

Ed O'Neill stumbled upon a possible solution, dressing up Ken Jeong as Lily. As O'Neill pointed out, they'd replaced Lily already once and nobody noticed. But then, as Jeong accurately pointed out, he's a middle-aged man ... and the whole plan did seem vaguely racist. Maybe that's why Lily took that opportunity to move O'Neill's steps and call him to the set.

The bit provided big laughs, just as "Modern Family" provided plenty of Emmy wins. Both Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen scored their second Emmy while the show took home its third in a row and Steven Levitan scored a Directing nod.

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