Here's How 'Modern Family' Star Eric Stonestreet Really Feels About That Emmy Snub

Piece of advice, Emmys, don't mess with Eric Stonestreet and his favorite show.

The "Modern Family" star paid a visit to HuffPost Live this week to talk about last season's big finale episode and, of course, his Emmy snub. Surprisingly, it's another show's lack of nominations that had the star really upset. After tweeting out a congrats to fellow co-stars Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and on-screen husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson when the Emmy nominations were first announced, Stonestreet also urged fans, "Don't feel snubbed for me. Feel snubbed for Ed (O'Neill) Sofia (Vergara) and THE AMERICANS!"

Apparently, the FX show is a favorite of the actor, and he revealed what we were all thinking when it came to the academy's diss. "It was bullsh-t that they didn't get nominated," Stonestreet said when asked about the tweet. Bravo, Cam Tucker!

As for the star's own snub this year, the ever-gracious actor wants fans to know he's not upset about being left out this year. "Don't feel bad," Stonestreet said. "I've been nominated three times and won twice so I'm happy." So which of his nominated co-stars is the actor rooting for come Emmys night? "I'm really pulling for Jesse," Stonestreet said. "I love Ty, he's won, but Jesse ... our relationship and the story we told this year needs to be recognized."