'Modern Family': Haley And Alex Babysit The Other Kids, But Keep Forgetting About Lily (VIDEO)

While the adults were out celebrating New Year's Eve on "Modern Family," Haley and Alex were put in charge of babysitting the other kids. It was a rare opportunity for all of the show's younger stars to work together, and the results proved the favorite part of the episode for Screen Crush.

Luke showed how much he's grown up, inviting two girls over for him and Manny. This put Haley and Alex into an awkward position -- especially Haley, considering her own past with boys -- with their little brother. Trying to keep tabs on what he was doing was apparently so distracting that they completely forgot that they had an even smaller child in their care. And Lily didn't hesitate to call them on it.

After the young girls first arrived and went upstairs, Lily arrived at the front door. "I’m cold and I saw a coyote," she said. The older girls clearly had no idea she'd been outside.

Later, when they were trying to decide what to do about Luke while standing outside his bedroom door, Lily tracked them down and asked more directly, "Is anyone watching me?" She had been playing dress-up, complete with makeup and fabulous clothes.

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