'Modern Family' Horror Film? Sitcom Remixed In Thriller Trailer (VIDEO)

Fact: A show or movie hasn't truly made it until it's given a genre-bending YouTube trailer. Okay, maybe that's not true, but to this day, what has the Internet produced that's matched "Shining" or "Brokeback to the Future"? That's right, nothing.

Now, "Modern Family" has been given the same treatment with an extended horror movie recut. Taking cues from the uh-oh-our-kid-is-demented-and-maybe-a-sociopath subgenre (like the upcoming "We Need to Talk About Kevin"), this trailer sees all the adults worried that Alex Dunphy may be a little too precocious for her own good.

It may be a little long, but great job all around, YouTube user Trevorama! Maybe now we'll see that "Modern Family" and "American Horror Story" crossover episode we've all been clamoring for.

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