'Modern Family': Jane Krakowski Battles Gloria

When Jane Krakowski showed up on "Modern Family" we immediately realized how much we've missed her on our television screens. Channeling a vibe very similar to her role on "30 Rock," Krakowski played Dr. Donna Duncan, a new parent rival for Gloria.

The women battled it out while trying to impress their son's history teacher -- there was only one slot available for a trip to DC, and each mother wanted it for their son for a different reason. But was it the wrong time for her guest appearance? "I wanted to make the journey and cackle at the Type-A mom (as played by JKrak) trying to upstage Gloria," noted The Stir's Rebecca Stokes. "But with everything going [on] with little Alex how could I even begin to appreciate [her]?” Or perhaps it was the perfect balance to the more serious tone of Alex's plot.

After suffering a breakdown at home, Alex promptly sent herself to a therapist. There, she started to discover why she pushes herself so hard. It was a well-performed scene by Ariel Winter, who then shared a meaningful hug when Claire admitted that she doesn't know how her daughter keeps up with such a demanding schedule. There were no quick answers, but it was a well-executed examination of how stress can impact young people. Presumably, Alex isn't done with this storyline just yet.

"Modern Family" continues Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.



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