'Modern Family': Lily Drops The F-Bomb (VIDEO)

'Modern Family': Lily Drops The F-Bomb

It's something all parents can remember -- or will experience if not there yet. That awkward moment when their child first discovers profanity. Unfortunately, their usage by a toddler tends to get quite a response from any adults present, which tends to make them new favorites for the little ones. On this week's "Modern Family" (Wed., 9 p.m. EST on ABC), Cam proved incapable of holding in his laughter after Lily dropped the f-bomb. But some advocacy groups weren't laughing, calling for ABC to pull the plug before the episode even aired.

Cam's laughter was the wrong response, as HuffPost Parent's Parent Coach advises, and as both he and Mitchell knew. Unfortunately, Cam simply couldn't help himself, which convinced Lily it was a good word to use, as it so clearly delighted her Daddy.

The situation escalated, as expected on a sitcom, until Cam was tearing up at a wedding and flower girl Lily knew just how to cheer him up and make him laugh. It got laughs from everyone, which only encouraged her to say it more until Cam rushed up and grabbed her uncomfortably, ushering her from the room.

While Lily was struggling to learn what a bad word is, Claire was coming face-to-face with all of her own imperfections -- including the "bad side" of her face. Facing a campaign debate, the Dunphys decided to rally around Claire and help her out by convincing her to get rid of all of her off-putting and aggressive habits. Their only problems with her are only virtually every single personality trait Claire has displayed since the pilot episode.

The ensuing debate followed the path of most political campaigns by quickly going negative and pulling out smut from Claire's past -- remember the episode when Phil got undressed to seduce Claire at the hotel, but was in the wrong room? -- and was as outrageous as one would expect, with Phil's outburst on his wife's behalf winding up autotuned and hitting huge on YouTube.

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