'Modern Family': Luke Channels 'Home Alone' To Defend Himself While His Parents Are Out (VIDEO)

With the adults getting together for a night out on "Modern Family," Claire suddenly found herself without a babysitter for Luke. Phil, though, decided that his little man was finally big enough to stay at home by himself. This made Claire nervous, and her nervousness made Luke a little paranoid. Still, he was determined to go it alone.

That said, being home alone only increased Luke's fear. When Claire and Phil came home, Claire opened the door only to hear it crash into a bunch of cans that Luke had set up. Upon hearing the sound, Luke sprang up from his spot on the stairs and pelted her with a ton of paintballs.

“Die, pizza man!” he shouted. Realizing who it was, Luke quickly apologized, but Phil was actually proud of his son.

"Told you he could take care of himself," he told Claire proudly.

Over at ScreenCrush, Britt Hayes loved Luke's 'Home Alone' set-up, writing, "Sitcoms are formulaic, but the reason that ones like ‘Modern Family’ stick around for so long is that they have such great characters and often charming writing that we can forgive the repetitive nature and just have a good time. Like the characters on tonight’s episode, we could all stand to relax and have a little fun every week.”

TV Fanatic's Leigh Raines was laughing at the hilarious scene, though she noted that there's no way Claire wasn't covered in welts after that paintball attack. We suspect Luke won't be staying home alone again any time soon.

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