'Modern Family' Season 5 Premiere: High School, New Jobs And More (PHOTOS)

It's back to school time in the "Modern Family" Season 5 premiere and the parents are having a harder time with it than the kids.

In the first part of the one-hour premiere, "Suddenly, Last Summer," Phil and Claire try to orchestrate a kid-free week, Jay and Gloria prep Manny for a solo trip to Colombia, and Mitch and Cam make it a summer to remember. Then in "First Days," Luke and Manny head to high school with Cam tagging along as a new substitute teacher. Look for Phil and Gloria to struggle with the new high school status. Then, Claire returns to the workforce and Mitch juggle's Lily's first day of pre-school with an important meeting.

Take a look at photos from the "Modern Family" Season 5 premiere below.

"Modern Family" returns Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

'Modern Family'