'Modern Family' Star Julie Bowen Shows Off Jeremy Lin-Themed Present (PHOTO)

It looks like Julie Bowen is "Lin-sane" for Jeremy Lin. The "Modern Family" star got a very special birthday present from her co-star this week and tweeted a photo to show off her new goods.

"Ty Burrell gave me an actual, signed, and USED @JLin7 jersey!!!!" Bowen tweeted over the weekend, showing off the gift from her on-screen husband.

Bowen turned 42 on March 3, and what a week it's been for her and the rest of the "Modern Family" cast. They headed to Disneyland to film their hit ABC comedy, where we caught on-screen mother and son duo Sofia Vergara and Rico Rodriguez having a blast -- well, maybe not so much -- riding Splash Mountain.

A few days at Disneyland followed by an awesome birthday gift? Turning 42 has never seemed like so much fun.

Check out Bowen's tweet below: