'Moe Money' Leads To Mo Problems For Student Arrested Over Counterfeit Bills

Famous '90s rapper Notorious B.I.G. was right: "Mo[e] Money" does, in fact, lead to "mo problems."

This, after 19-year-old Symone Vannessa Brown, a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, was allegedly caught attempting to pass off a fake $100 bill as real. The tip-off? Instead of featuring the Secretary of the Treasury's signature (itself worthy of note), the bill contained the inscription, "Moe Money."

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Police said a keen-eyed Walgreens clerk noticed the bill wasn't genuine Tuesday when Brown attempted to buy a gift card. Brown fled when the clerk questioned her about the fake currency and forgot to take the money with her, authorities told WFMY. She was arrested when she returned to retrieve the bill.

Investigators then proceeded to search Brown's dorm room, where campus police say they found a whopping $12,882 in counterfeit bills, The Greensboro News & Record reports. UNCG police Chief James Herring told the paper most of the bills were $100s, all of varying quality.

According to the Associated Press, Brown is facing felony charges, including obtaining property under false pretense, uttering a forged security and possession of counterfeiting tools.

The Consumerist has also tacked on the humorous charge of "one count of inducing giggles" for using "Moe Money" as a signature in the first place.



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