Women Centric Website Launch Across Colleges Seeks to Create Global Opportunities

Tiffany Pham (in blue) and Mogul staff.
Tiffany Pham (in blue) and Mogul staff.

Mogul, the website “democratizing information for women worldwide”, announced this week that it is launching across college campuses worldwide furthering it’s reach and ability to generate important conversations and opportunities in a globally safe space.

The site, currently boasts 18 million user visits per week across 196 countries and an impressive list of influencers including Katie Couric, Chelsea Clinton, and the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. The global collegiate launch stands to cement the website as the go to hub for a wide swath of women including students, professionals and those who by and large lack the ability to communicate publicly due to religious and governmental restriction like those in China and some middle eastern countries.

“As Mogul continues our global expansion, young college women will now have the opportunity to discuss all that is happening on their campuses, including sensitive issues, without being judged or bullied,” said Tiffany Pham, CEO of Mogul.

For Pham, who built the first iteration of Mogul while simultaneously teaching herself to code, the website is the fulfillment of a promise to her late grandmother to “continue caring for our family legacy”, a legacy that includes a deep history in working in media. When Mogul launched in 2014 the platform almost immediately had a userbase of roughly one million per week. With the help of her staff, including CTO David Pham, that user base has swollen to 18 million in two short years.

This massive growth has caught the eye of some major media players like Hearst and Comcast, who have since partnered with Mogul and in part, have helped make the current launch possible. Mogul also boasts an impressive lineup of advisors that include Cathie Black, Former Chairman & President of Hearst Magazines, Jarrod Dicker, Head of Product & Technology at Washington Post, and Tina Exarhos Former CMO of MTV.

Mogul’s collegiate hub is already seeing heavy usage by students from NYU, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Wellesley and a number of schools with the expectation of more to come. “By expanding to colleges worldwide, we are encouraging young women at the earliest stages of their lives to speak up and support one another on a real-time basis,” said Juli Hurme, Head of Operations and Growth at Mogul. “Students can now share relevant events and stories, ask questions from each other, and also learn about top job opportunities within their area.”

The Mogul team promises a number of projects and upgrades to the platform in the coming year that could position the platform to rival some of the largest social media and publishing platforms thus giving women across the world an unprecedented control of their voice, networking and learning.

Correction: It was originally written that Viacom was partnered with Mogul. That is not the case.

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