Man Accused Of Arson, Microwaving Neighbor's Wallet

A Florida man forced his neighbor onto a balcony and then microwaved his wallet during a bizarre dispute Sunday morning, police say.

Mohammed Almarri, 21, allegedly broke into the neighbor's Tampa home and "threatened the owner of the apartment until he retreated to the balcony," TBO reports.

Authorities say that Almarri took the homeowner's wallet and microwaved it, and then proceeded to stack several lighters near an electric heater.

Firefighters responded to the luxury apartment building and smelled smoke, but found no active fire, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Almarri was arrested on charges including arson and false imprisonment.

The damage to the apartment is estimated at approximately $1,000, according to WTSP.

Here is what happens when you microwave a credit card:
Don't try this at home, or anywhere.