Moishe Mana: The Connection Between Alabama, Jerusalem, and the Night of December 12

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The following is a guest post by Moishe Mana. As founder and president of the Mana Group, he is a real estate and content developer.

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On the night of Alabama's special election on December 12, 2017, people voted “No more! No Roy Moore. No Moore bigotry. No Moore racism. No Moore incitement. And no more Senators and politicians accused of child molestation and rape being qualified to be a public servant.” Alabama, which is choked with religion, its election result was a split between Evangelists who chose more of Moore in the name of God and the moderates who refused to listen to their churches and pastors.

America’s civil rights were soaked in the blood of the Civil War and its aftermath. Those who supported slavery, racism, bigotry, and crimes against humanity had religious justification and religious pastors who gave them the stamp of approval. The night of December 12, 1961, was the night that Martin Luther King Jr. was empowered to fight back. He and 700 others led the first-ever demonstration against injustice in America. This demonstration led to the famous Alabama Revolt on the night of March 25, 1965 in Selma and Montgomery. The police brutality shown broadcast into every American home was a mirror for all Americans. Dogs dragging people, tear gas, police shooting, and water hoses just ignited the fire in the hearts of those who rose up.

It was the night that ignited justice to prevail and it is ironic that on the same night, December 12, Jews lit the first candle in order to celebrate the successful Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire that ended in 160 B.C.

Trump’s announcement at the same time, to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was no coincidence. For many Jews, it is another Chanukah miracle - the father-in-law of Queen Esther/Ivanka who came to save the Jews again.

In my opinion, it is ridiculous and quite the opposite: Israel doesn’t need outside recognition as the Jewish state. Israel doesn’t need Trump to declare Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people. Israel has been an independent Jewish majority nation since 1948 and since then, Jerusalem is the seat of all branches of the Israeli government. Jerusalem has been central to Jews for over 2,500 years. The timing of Trump’s statements adds salt to the wounds of both injured Palestinians and the popular uprisings in the Arab world.

With his actions he ignored the rights of all religions to be part of the solution for Jerusalem. He added fuel to the fire and encouraged Israelis right wing to continue its oppression, aggression, as well as the continued denial of Palestinian rights for an independent state with Jerusalem being a part. Trump didn’t do this because of his burning love for Israel. This was a politically motivated message to his bigoted religious supporters, the Evangelicals. Our Founding Fathers desperately warned us against a demagogue and a mixing religion and state. It is ironic that the bigot Trump is leading this religious movement.

Trump’s declaration is not an issuance of a real estate title insurance certificate. Buying insurance from Trump is like getting a certificate of graduation from Trump University. Jerusalem is not a real estate issue. It is not subject to landlord-tenant court that he is familiar with. It is a religious case that involves all nations. Trump cannot issue a one-sided spiritual eviction to any of the many sides involved.

Congratulations, America! Congratulations, Trump! You’ve made yourself the owner of this religious conflict.

Trump inserted the Evangelicals into the Muslim-Jewish conflict. America became the unwanted elephant in the Middle East and has removed itself from the position of a broker. Trump has put Americans all over the world in grave danger. And the final outcome is still unclear. He unified the entire Arab world against Israel and America. America and Israel became one entity to those who hate. They are both becoming more isolated. The declaration has already caused the deaths of dozens of Palestinians and in my opinion it has just added more fuel to the anger boiling beneath the surface. Stirring anger - that’s what Trump does best.

How it is all connected? Today the world is experiencing growing fundamentalism in religion. It is tragic that America is heading in the same direction that Iran, Turkey, Israel, and the rest of the world are going. They are all resorting to religious fundamentalism, fueled by demagogues. It is a war of the Medieval religious groups against progress. Those who support Trump and his administration will be brought to justice eventually.

On a last note, is it a coincidence that on December 12, 1961, Adolf Eichmann, the bureaucratic Nazi mastermind of the Holocaust, was brought to justice in Israel for crimes against Jews and humanity?