In This 'Mojave' Clip, Oscar Isaac Is Not Your Charming, Groovy Internet Crush

He's a homicidal maniac. But maybe that's your thing?

Oscar Isaac has played heroes like Poe Dameron, misanthropic artists like Llewyn Davis and menacing innovators like Nathan Bateman. The Internet loves him all the same. But in "Mojave," which premiered at last year's Tribeca Film Festival and opens in limited release on Friday, he is an all-out homicidal weirdo. The Huffington Post has an exclusive clip from the movie, which was written and directed by "The Departed" and "Kingdom of Heaven" scribe William Monahan. 

"Mojave" revolves around Thomas (Garrett Hedlund), a suicidal artist who encounters his unfriendly doppelgänger (Isaac) in the desert, after which said doppelgänger attempts to dismantle Thomas' life. The clip finds the men in a gun-wielding standoff at Thomas' lush Los Angeles home.

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