Mojito Recipes To Try Before The End Of Summer (PHOTOS)

14 Mojito Twists You Have To Try

The mojito is a classic summertime drink. It's citrusy, light and refreshing. It cools you down when it gets hot, and it's got a bit of an edge to it, which keeps the mood festive. Mojito's only downfall is that -- like white pants -- it no longer feels appropriate after Labor Day. (Another downfall: this cocktail is not shy with calories, so if you are you should try the skinny mojito recipe created for Daisy Fuentes.)

Since our time with summer is dwindling, and there are just a couple of weeks until the upcoming holiday, we'll soon be saying goodbye to the mojito for the year. But not before we get our fill with these fruity twists on the classic mint-and-lime cocktail made extra fresh with these ingenious mint ice cubes.

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