MoJoe Personal Travel Mug Actually Brews Coffee Inside Itself

For the ultra-multitaskers.

If you consider "waiting in line at Dunkin' Donuts" to be one of life's biggest struggles, a new invention is about to make your life much more manageable.

Still in its Kickstarter phase, the MoJoe Personal Mobile Brewer is a travel mug that brews the coffee right inside itself. All you have to do is pour water of any temperature into the cup, add your ground coffee (or tea), charge it up and it'll be ready to go and brew during your commute.

Its two-compartment design keeps the water and coffee separate until you push the brew button. A heating element then heats the water to 200 degrees, and the steam generates enough pressure that the water is pushed through a tube and into the coffee reservoir, brewing your coffee. They call the process VacDrip, because it borrows techniques from vacuum and drip brewing systems. Here's how it works:

How It Works: When Engineering + Love For Coffee Collide

mojoe™ is built for mobility – from heating your water to the proper temperature, to separating your coffee and water while on-the-go – mojoe™ works to bring your coffee experience on-the-go with you everyday.

Posted by Mojoe Brewing Company on Thursday, November 19, 2015

"The issue was how do you move water from reservoir A to reservoir B without big motors or small parts," Joseph Hyman, MoJoe's CEO and cofounder, says in their Kickstarter video below.

So they essentially used the power of the water to brew itself.

It's powered using a wall, car or rechargeable battery, and Hyman and cofounder Alexandre Wing say it will brew whether you're walking and it's in your hand, or you're riding your bike and it's in your backpack.

"Push the button and you have coffee on the go. Anywhere, anytime," Hyman says.

With more than 40 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, the MoJoe is already 75 percent funded, so this has a good shot of making it to production.

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