Molecular Gastronomy: The Best In The U.S.

Liquid nitrogen, dehydrators, and syringes, oh my!

Molecular gastronomy has emerged as one of the most controversial food trends of the decade. Though some chefs, such as wd~50's Wylie Dufersne, champion the science-lab-esque techniques used in this type of cuisine, other criticize its artificiality.

But whether the use of liquid nitrogen and dehydrators in the kitchen freaks you out or entices you, it's likely that it piques your interest. This curiosity is perhaps the main reason many restaurants that focus on molecular gastronomy, or the oft-preferred term "modernist cuisine," have achieved such popularity and success.

Though restaurants focusing on this type of cuisine have been established across the world, such as Spain's now-closed 3-Michelin star elBulli, there are some exceptional places to try molecular gastronomy right here in the U.S.

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The Best Places To Experience Molecular Gastronomy