Fox News Panelist Casually Drops Bigoted Bomb On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast

Mollie Hemingway went off on an ill-advised tangent during “The Big Weekend Show” on Fox News.

Mollie Hemingway sniped at the diversity of “Saturday Night Livecast members Sunday on Fox News’ “The Big Weekend Show.”

The “Big Weekend” panelists were discussing Shane Gillis’ return as a guest host to “SNL” this month, nearly five years after the show fired him for resurfaced material called “offensive” by producer Lorne Michaels. Hemingway chimed in with a general critique of the sketch-comedy series.

“I don’t know if you’re watching it, but in the last five years or so, they’ve really leaned into identity politics over humor,” she said. “Instead of having people that they choose for the cast because they’re funny, they choose people for the cast because they check off a certain identity box.”

Hemingway, a Fox News contributor and editor-in-chief of The Federalist, wasn’t done. Noting that Bud Light recently announced its sponsorship of Gillis’ comedy tour, she asked, “Does that really make up for what they did by embracing radical trans ideology?”

Hemingway was referring to a one-off post that transgender actor Dylan Mulvaney made on her Instagram to promote the beer for March Madness last year. Conservative outcry led to a sizable drop in profits for Bud Light.

Gillis, known partly for his dead-on Donald Trump impression, is scheduled to host “SNL” on Feb. 24. Some social media commenters have criticized the show for scheduling the appearance during Black History Month in light of the racially charged jokes that got him canned, The Washington Post reported.

Gillis’ previous material was also criticized as homophobic when it resurfaced, prompting his dismissal by Michaels.

The producer said at the time, “The language he used is offensive, hurtful and unacceptable.”

Here’s another part of the same segment, shared by @Acyn:

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