Two 72-oz Steaks Devoured Ridiculously Fast By Mother Of Four

Mom Eats 9 Pounds Of Steak Way Too Fast

Hold on lady, save room for dessert.

A record for eating steak held by the most dominant competitive eater fell to a mother of four from Nebraska on Monday.

Molly Schuyler made short work of a 72-oz steak at Amarillo's Big Texan Steak Ranch, the Amarillo Globe News reports, finishing it in 4:58.

Schuyler's time beat the mark set by renowned hot-dog eater Joey Chestnut in 2008 when he took eight minutes and 52 seconds to clean his plate at the restaurant, according to Fox Sports.

Not yet sated, Schuyler continued gorging by eating a second 72-oz hunk of beef in 9:58 for a total of nine pounds of steak in just under 15 minutes. Her feast also included a baked potato, shrimp, salad and a bread roll, according to the Amarillo Globe News.

That's far more than the suggested "deck of cards" portion size.

She sat down to the belly-busting meal weighing about 125 pounds.

The restaurant posted a photo of Schuyler basking in the glow of digestive triumph.

The Major League Eating's chief executive officer — never one to mince words — hailed Schuyler's performance in terms reserved for splitting the atom or Neil Armstrong's moon walk.

"This was an unverified event, but if accurate it is clearly an advancement for the female gender and humanity as a whole," said George Shea in an email to The Huffington Post "The skills demonstrated in this exercise are directly relevant to the survival and success of the species."

Schuyler, a professional eater herself, previously set other records for eating fried mushrooms and chicken wings.

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