Molting Tarantula Leaves Behind Perfect Shell (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Molting Tarantula LeavesBehind?

We will warn you now -- if you don't like arthropods, don't scroll down any further. If you don't like spiders please, please, please stop scrolling.

Warnings aside, reddit user King_Theseus uploaded this incredible photo of his pet's shell after the tarantula finished molting. The stunning exoskeleton looks like an exact recreation of the spider, without the head and fangs. One redditor even called it "the ultimate prank weapon."

Sounds fun.

Uploaded by user King_Theseus.

Tarantula's are often kept as exotic pets as their bites aren't considered dangerous, according to the National Institutes of Health. However, like any other pet, they do require specialized care including live food and an adequate habitat, writes.

You can watch an incredible video of the creature's entire transformation below, which was uploaded to YouTube by user Anubis77 in 2009.

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