Mother Accuses Stranger Of ‘Digitally Kidnapping’ Her 4-Year-Old Twin Daughters

As a proud mom, April says she loves posting photos of her adorable twin daughters on social media for everyone to see.

Never did she think a total stranger would allegedly be stealing those photos and posting them online as if she was the 4-year-old girls’ own mother. But April and her husband Nathan say that’s exactly what has happened.

“After I had the twins, I joined a Facebook group for moms of multiples,” April explains. “I did upload some photos here and there because I was proud of them.”

When the twins turned 1, April says someone sent her a private message claiming that another woman was taking her photos and posting them on her own blog.

“When I went to this lady’s blog, it said that her name was Ashely. She basically took my photos offline and made up a complete life of her as their mom, and has a story to go along with every single picture with my girls,” April says, adding that Ashley also gave the girls different names – Adaya and Kamberlin.

“I realized at that time, my daughters had been digitally kidnapped,” she adds.

Nathan says they called the police, but were told there was nothing they could do as no crime had been committed.

“We felt helpless,” he says.

April and Nathan hired a private investigator, who they say then “friended” Ashley on social media and soon thereafter told April and Nathan that not only had Ashley been stealing photos of their twins for years, but she even went as far as to post photos of the twins in picture frames inside her own home, as if they were her own children.

“My girls are in picture frames all over her house – above her bed, above her nightstand, on her TV, on her dresser, on the end of couches,” April claims.

Nathan says Ashley would slightly alter the photos at times, often blurring out April in the background, or blurring out the girls’ names on their shirts.

Ashley insists she has no idea who April and Nathan are, and she says she has never stolen any photos of their daughters.

“I have never even seen pictures of the children,” Ashley says. “I have no idea why they think that.”

Ashley says she does have twin daughters of her own, who she says were born in 2012, around the same time as April and Nathan’s girls.

“I have two twin daughters that are almost 4 years old. Their names are Adaya and Kamberlin,” Ashley says. “They are my pride and joy.”

However, Ashley says she has not seen her twins since they were 3 months old.

“I lost custody of them. I had gone to prison because of the mistakes I was making,” she says, explaining that she was charged with committing burglary and forgery.

Ashley says the girls had been with their grandmother on their father’s side, however she says she lost contact with them when they were 7 months old and has no idea where they are now.

“I do think this is totally bizarre,” she says of April and Nathan’s photo-stealing claims. “Being accused of something I didn’t do has totally thrown me for a loop.”

Still, April and Nathan claim they know Ashley has stolen the photos of their daughters and they say they are scared – not only because of what they claim Ashley has done, but what they say they fear she might do next.

“My family is in turmoil. We are scared for our children,” April says. “My biggest concern is she is going to fulfill the fantasy that she’s been living for four years, and she’s going to break into my house and steal my children.”

On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, April and Nathan come face to face with Ashley. Can Dr. Phil get to the bottom of this? And, what happens when he checks Ashley’s social media accounts while she’s sitting on the stage? Watch more here.

Plus, in part two of the interview on Thursday, will Ashley change her tune? Check here to see where you can watch.



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