Allison Janney, Octavia Spencer Square Off In Hilarious 'Mom' Scene

Allison Janney has been killing it this fall between her heartbreaking dramatic work on "Masters of Sex" and her rib-splitting scene-stealing on "Mom." This CBS sitcom is quickly becoming "The Allison Janney Show," and this week provided the funniest scene yet. Janney was helped by an equally brilliant Octavia Spencer, who's guest stint on this show is so strong we're kind of rooting against that "Murder, She Wrote" reboot. Make her a regular cast member here, instead.

As Regina, Spencer has proven the perfect comic foil for Janney's Bonnie. The two women do not like one another, and yet they keep finding themselves together. This week, Bonnie fell completely off the wagon after losing her apartment, job and car -- the last she just can't find. Christy enlisted the aid of Regina and Marjorie to help Bonnie sober up, but they couldn't keep up with her. Wracked with guilt, Bonnie decided to help Christy with her burden.

This meant a hung-over and simply awful looking Bonnie showing up at the restaurant, where she literally tried to take over Christy's job. She sweetly introduced herself to a table and when she couldn't find them bread, she brought them an extra candle instead. Then, Marjorie and Regina caught up, but it was Regina's impressive tackle of Bonnie that finally ended her ill-conceived attempt to help.

Allison Janney is making a strong case for "funniest woman on television," and Octavia Spencer is proving a brilliant comedic partner. Here's hoping the two share as many scenes as possible as "Mom" continues every Monday at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS.



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