Mom And Boyfriend Takes 5 Year Old On Bank Robbery: Lauri Ruble And Brandon Stancliff Arrested

Here's a bad family outing.

An Illinois mother is accused of bringing her five-year-old son with her on a bank stickup led by her boyfriend, according to The Chicago Sun-Times

Brandon Stancliff allegedly armed himself with a kitchen knife and grabbed a bandana for a disguise while Lauri Ruble strapped her son into a car seat before they drove to Wauconda Community Bank in Island Lake in December.

Ruble allegedly left her child in the car while she went inside to count the number of tellers. When she came out, Stancliff went in for the robbery. Authorities say he stole $4,800.

A tipster looking to receive a reward called the police and reported the couple.

Now, child welfare officials are looking into the crime and considering if anything should be done about the boy.

Ruble, 30, has bonded out of jail while Stancliff remains locked up.

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