In A New York Minute, Subway Worker Helps Rescue Stroller That Rolled Onto Tracks

A 2-year-old child and her mother are safe today thanks to the quick actions of some heroic strangers.

On Monday morning a stroller with a toddler inside accidentally rolled onto the train tracks at the Jamaica Center-Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue stop in Queens, New York, CBS New York reported. The child's mother had turned away for a moment when the stroller rolled forward.

The 39-year-old mother jumped onto the tracks after her toddler and sprained her ankle in the process, according to ABC 7. Fortunately, a subway cleaner and some bystanders came to the rescue, and helped to get mother and child back onto the platform before the next train came.

Diane, the subway cleaner who rushed to help, said the mother had forgotten to put the brakes on the stroller when she turned to throw away some garbage, CBS New York reported.

"I’m a mother," Diane told the outlet. "So I know how she must have felt."

Workers on the other end of the platform signaled for the next train to stop, but by then the woman and the child, and their rescuers, were safely off the tracks, according to the New York Post.

"The passengers who helped were heroes," an MTA worker told the outlet. "They actually stayed to make sure the baby was all right. I saw the little girl. She had dirt all over her nose and cheek."

Thanks to those good Samaritans, both mother and daughter only suffered minor injuries, and were taken to North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center where they were said to be in stable condition on Monday afternoon.



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