Mom and the Movies: A Procrastinator's Guide to Mother's Day

Even if I'm aware that Mother's Day is yet another attempt by greeting card companies to part me with my money, I can't refuse an opportunity to honor the woman who brought me into this world. But getting things done with plenty of time to spare just doesn't seem possible in this modern, chaotic world of mine. So, by the time I went out and looked for one, the only Mother's Day cards I could find said things like "To the best Cleaner-Upper in the world!" which, if you know her, is just not my mom, and the only gift I could have gotten delivered in time would have been The Emergency Bra which doubles as a handy gas mask, just in case. Yeah, it's that strange...

So this time around, I am resorting to what I do best: dinner and a movie, or in this case, brunch, a playlist, and some super cool indie films that are opening this weekend. But you can also celebrate mom by giving her a day in, make her tea and stream a couple of personal favorites that I know any woman with a heartbeat will enjoy.

Check out the slideshow and, to get you in the mood, listen to the tracks inspired by each film from the Spotify playlist below.

All About (Your) Mother: A Mother's Day Slideshow

All images used with permission