39 Beautiful And Emotional First Photos Of Moms With Their Babies

Those first moments a mom holds her newborn baby after giving birth are emotional, surreal, confusing and, most of all, powerful.

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked the moms of the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to send us their first photos with their babies and share exactly what thoughts were going through their heads at that moment.

Here are 39 moms' memories from that incredible time.

Shannon Leigh Hinman
"There you are after all this time. Like I've known you forever."
Mallory Whitt
"Yeah. She's mine."
Mysty Vander
"We weren't ready for you, but we are willing to do anything to make you happy for the rest of our lives."
Katherine Prugh
"'I just love him so much.' Ugly cry and all. Best day ever."
Vernee White
"I was told it was a slim chance of getting pregnant, and if I did, I could miscarry -- so I was nervous my entire pregnancy trying to keep positive yet still prepared for the inevitable. And then when I held her everything became real. It was a truly memorable and beautiful feeling."
Theresa Martinez
"Sh*t just got real!"
Amanda Joy Brown
"I can't believe he's finally here. I want to snuggle him forever!"
Courtney Loomis
"I couldn't wait to see what she looked like! In this moment, I wanted to protect her, guide her, and be her cheerleader for ever through anything."
LK Lancaster
"We didn't find out if we were having a boy or girl, so my thoughts were, 'It's a boy! And he's perfect. And he's here.' Then I said to him, 'Hey buddy.'"
Kristin Goike Jacobs
"I had my son at 25 weeks. He was 1 lb 12 oz and 12 inches long. I got to hold him 72 hours after his birth. My first thought was to not cry until after the picture!! My heart was so full of emotion and I was in such awe of my tiny little fighter."
Kim St Andrassy Kann
"I thought to myself how much I unnecessarily worried because of your prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis when you were meant to be exactly who you are-PERFECT! Then I thought 'Get me another piece of chocolate cake.'"
Brandy Hays-Morrison
"'Whose baby is THAT?!' LOL"
Michelle Abel
"This is the true meaning of 'love at first sight'..."
Meredith Rentz Cook
"Joy and triumph! I had just scooped him up onto my chest in this picture -- he hadn't even taken his first breath."
Gianna Passacantilli Mullane
"Oh My God three babies just came out of my belly!!!!!"
Kaitlin Pearl Coghill
"'Give me my damn box of crackers!' (I hadn't eaten all day.)"
Jessica Lynn Dunning
"I didn't even know my husband took this, but I remember saying 'You're so beautiful! I'm your mommy. I've been waiting to meet you.'"
Rebekah Broughton Chard
"She came out screaming and as soon as they held her to my face and I spoke to her she stopped crying. My thought was 'she knows my voice, and she needs me' My sweet little mama's girl turns two this month."
Jennifer Lynn Dalbec
"This was about 2 minutes after he was born. All I could think was 'I did it!' Medication free, at home, in the water."
Megan Stowers
"I stared at this little being; a being that is part of my husband and part of myself and I realized I would never love anything more in the world than this precious boy. The birth was a blur, but when he was laid against my skin, it was as if the world stopped. My life and it's meaning crystal clear."
Annie Oakley
"The first time I got to hold little Eleanor she was two days old. She was born 6 weeks early and all I could think was 'keep fighting little one!'"
Sarah L Sells
"This is my first baby and my sweet Mama who caught him. She passed away when he was only 3 years old, so I treasure this picture. My son was delivered by the same midwife who delivered me, a full circle moment. I was thinking I was so proud of myself for doing it!"
Bridget Thomas
"I'm about to throw up!"
Michele Yarborough
"He is gorgeous! Today, my PERFECT life starts. Today I am healed and have found my true PURPOSE for this life. He completes me. Oh dear, I'm pooped. Lets get ready to sleep now...then I will confirm/finalize your name."
Amanda Ellis Stein
"Relief! I have an IV in, but there was no time to attach it to anything with this baby - she was born with no meds, or Dr on Easter morning 2011, 2 weeks early, after a 30 minute labor. One of the four best days of my life."
Andrea Gillhoolley
"For once in my life, nothing was going through my mind. I was completely present in a moment in a way I never had been before. If there was noise, I didn't hear it. If someone was talking, I didn't notice. I was just .... There. With him."
Aimee Melich
"... And then we were 3! Amazing how you can fall in love with someone so little so fast.. A long 3rd trimester in and out of the hospital but we finally got to meet our baby girl right on the day she was supposed to arrive. We love our beautiful princess!"
Shabana Waheed
"After 46 hours of labor I was happy to be done and was really calm."
Brittany Thompson
"I was just so overcome with emotion, all I could do was cry. I was so happy to finally hold her, but also sad to know that I wouldn't feel her little kicks from the inside."
Taylor Elaine
"Is she really beautiful, or do I just think that because I'm her mom?"
Cortney Hlynosky- Angala
"Finally able to hold him 24 hours after birth, all I could think was, 'omg he's here and he's awesome!'"
Katie Reschny
"Relief, triumph, and awe. No words could describe that moment. The love for my baby, my body, and my husband were overwhelming."
Celena Justine Hebert
I was just in disbelief and awe that he was finally in my arms, this little stranger that I'd known all along."
Cari Sue
"I had an urgent c-section and my thoughts during this photo were that I wanted to make sure my son felt comforted and secure... He had just gone through a lot & was all the sudden in a bright, loud, cold world so I sang to him and told him how brave and awesome he is."
Emily Denton
"My first thought: how can I be THIS lucky?!"
Tabitha Alexandra Pinkham
"The first time I was able to see my 28 weeker born at 1 pound 11 oz. I was able to see him 9 hours after birth. My first thought were how tiny he was and if he was honestly going to live. I'll never forget it. But now he's a happy one year old."
Sarah Shugarts
"Oh sweet baby girl.. How I love you so much..!"
Evalie Jorgensen-Horner
"So THIS is how I can hold both twins for a photo."
Jill Tiller
"I thought I could never love my second baby as much as I love my first. I was so wrong!!"
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