This Mom Had A Magical Breastfeeding Moment At Disneyland

Because no one wants to miss a pic with Belle.

One breastfeeding mom is proving that the magic of Disney doesn’t have to stop because of a hungry baby.

In April, Mari Villaluna visited Disneyland’s Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant for her then 2-month-old’s birthday. The restaurant is known for having different characters stop at diners’ tables. When Villaluna noticed Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” making her way to her group’s table, her baby became hungry and started fussing. Instead of avoiding taking a photo with the princess, the mom began breastfeeding.

”I didn’t want my baby to miss out taking a picture with Princess Belle so when she came to me I smiled for the picture,” she told The Huffington Post. “We even took a group picture with Belle while I was breastfeeding. I literally started to feed her right before the picture was taken.”

The mom from San Francisco, California, posted the photo of her breastfeeding experience on Instagram on Sunday. In the caption, she wrote that a hungry baby shouldn’t keep nursing moms from enjoying their time at Disneyland.

“You feed your baby, smile for the picture and enjoy your magical Disney moment while breastfeeding,” she wrote.

Villaluna told HuffPost the staff at Disneyland was “respectful” during her breastfeeding moments and that no one “blinked an eye” when she nursed outside the restaurant, too. She also said she headed to one of the park’s nursing rooms when she didn’t want to breastfeed in the heat.

Way to keep the (breastfeeding) magic alive, Disneyland.

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