Mom’s Brilliant Comics About Raising First- And Second-Born Kids Are Spot On

So true.

We’d like to say these are comics only a mother could love — but they could make anyone chuckle.

Weng Chen, a “30-something” video game developer from Seattle, Washington, draws extremely relatable comics about motherhood.

One of her favorite subjects is illustrating the difference between raising a first- and second-born child.

“You are nervous, excited and energetic for the first child, and these feelings fade away after you have more children,” Weng told HuffPost. “But it doesn’t mean you love them less. You are just more relaxed, mature and really exhausted — oh, kind of broke, too!”

Weng showcases all of her comics on her website, Messy Cow, and Facebook — but she wasn’t always drawing up the most hilarious aspects of parenthood.

Weng explained to HuffPost that she always aspired to be a comic artist, but when she began having kids she had to temporarily put that dream on hold.

“Having children changed my life,” Weng told HuffPost. “It made me work, think, grow up — and not sleep.”

Weng said that the daily grind of being a mom used to get to her until she decided to look at stressful situations more objectively. Once she did, everything felt way less taxing.

“Things became funny and less miserable,” she said.

Armed with a fresh perspective on parenthood, Weng began drawing again in 2016, mining her own life experiences and finding the humor in it.

Now the mama of two is regularly updating her website with her latest cackle-inducing creations. She’s very aware as to why she does it.

“I used to think I do these for my kids, to document their growth, to help them understand who they are and who their mother is,” Weng said. “But I also think even if they don’t read it, I’d still do it. It means to me as the mountains mean to the climbers or the forest to Winnie the Pooh.”

To see more of Weng’s fun comparisons between the first and second kiddo, check them out below.

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