4-Year-Old's 'For The First Time In Forever' Duet With Mom Will Melt All The Snow And Ice In Arendelle

This winter, the punishing impact of the polar vortex has coincided with Frozen fever -- particularly among the under-10s. If we've learned anything from this Anna- and Elsa-palooza, it's that little fans don't find unfamiliar lyrics or tough melodies the least bit off-putting. And while we've heard some stellar covers of "Let It Go" already, this mother-daughter duet, performed by Heather Spohr and her 4-year-old daughter, Annie, is a charming rendition of a different song -- the reprise of "For The First Time In Forever."

Annie's dad, Mike, wrote on their family's blog that Annie first came up with the idea to sing with her mom a week before they made the video.

"As cute as it was to see Annie talk about singing the duet, I didn’t think there was much chance it would happen as it’s a fairly complicated song with overlapping parts. Well, to my surprise I came home from work the other day to hear the two of them in the kitchen singing away." Once appropriate costumes were located, Annie permitted the duet to be captured on film -- luckily for the rest of us.

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